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Chicken (whole) - $3.00 each
Chicken (split) - $3.25 each
Chicken (cut-up) - $3.50 each

Turkey (under 25lbs) - $7.00 each 
Turkey (over 25lbs) - $9.00 each
Cut-Up/Splitting - $1.00 each

Ducks & Geese (skinned) - $4.00 each
Ducks & Geese (plucked) - $7.00 each

There is a 'right' time and a 'wrong' time to butcher ducks and geese. The 'wrong' time can mean an unsightly, pin-feathery carcass despite our best efforts. Therefore, we offer no guarantees on waterfowl.

Please specify how you would like giblets handled. Special bagging or separating will result in additional charges.​ 

Giblets saved - $0.50 per package 

Necks, hearts, livers, and gizzards are packaged separately in bulk. 

Rabbits - $4.00 each

    Cut - $85
    Cape - $25
    Boneless Drop Off Grinding - $0.40/lb
    Gutting - $10
    European Skull - $40
    Hydro Dips - $70
    Skull Hangers - $10

All deer must have a harvest tag and confirmation number, no exceptions.
McNabb's Chicken Processing Services
Hours are by appointment only, please call ahead to schedule.  

Chickens and waterfowl  are packaged in shrink bags. Turkeys are packaged in polybags.
No crates? No problem! We have plenty of chicken or turkey sized crates available to borrow on the honor system.
We are not responsible for deceased birds before processing. Please make sure crates are packed sparingly, especially in hot weather. Deceased birds will be disposed of humanely.
Credit card processing is an additional 3% fee.